Ich weiss nicht, ich muss etwas ausdenken. Die Menschen haben fast kein Geld, keine Arbeit, hier bei uns. Mich trifft der Schlack. Sponsored by, Ján

I am in contact with very poor people. I want to help them. I have decided to teach them German language. I will need the books for them and one class. If you want to support this my intention, you can send me something via paypal to: ocista722@azet.sk Probably I will teach also people who are not so poor. The situation I experience is very bad. Thank you in advance for your support. S pozdravom, Ján

You will gain the infos ´bout my activities. I lie only rarely. Ján

Many people want to learn languages but they don´t have the money. Ján

Ak máte paypal, nemusíte zadávať číslo Vašej kreditnej karty pri platení za tovar alebo služby v zahraničí. Len tip. S pozdravom, Ján

A takisto aj doma. Ján

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